9 Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Colorado Springs

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Thanks to the Rocky Mountains to the west and the Plains to the east, there are many places to see the sunset in Colorado Springs.

Whether you’re visiting the Springs for a weekend getaway, or simply want to enjoy a night out, watching the sunset is a memorable way to end the day.

Today, we’re talking about where to see the sunset in Colorado Springs, no matter what time of year.

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What time is sunset in Colorado Springs?

sunsets in colorado springs

Due to the location of the mountains, the time the sun sets in Colorado Springs can vary drastically.

During the winter months, from November-January, the sun can set as early as 4:30pm.

The days are colder and shorter during the winter, with fewer hours of sunlight during the day.

During the summer months, from June-August, you can enjoy the sunlight as late as 8:30pm.

The summertime allows for longer and warmer days with the ability to enjoy the best hiking and many more hours of sunshine.

Daylight Savings Time will also affect the time the sunsets, so keep that in mind as well.

With that being said, here are nine of the best places to see the sunset in Colorado Springs.

1. Pulpit Rock Park

pulpit rock park colorado springs

Pulpit Rock Park is a beautiful open space park with both paved and unpaved trails.

It is located in northwest Colorado Springs right off I-25, and can be seen from the interstate when driving through the city.

Nearly all of the trails in this park are easy to moderate difficulty, which makes it an ideal place to see the sun setting.

During the summer you will see gorgeous wildflowers and native grasses here. In the winter the trails are covered in snow but are safe enough for winter hiking.

To get to this location, start by parking at the Pulpit Rock Trail parking lot, located on N. Nevada Avenue.

Then hike up the fairly moderate trail called Pulpit Rock Park Loop. This trail is dog-friendly and is open year round for hiking, running, and biking.

The hike up the side of Pulpit Rock can be a bit steep but it’s a fairly short and fun challenge. The elevation gain is about 550 feet during this climb.

Once you’re on top of Pulpit Rock the area is pretty flat and allows you to stop and sit.

You will see gorgeous sunset views by looking to the west towards the mountains.

2. Cheyenne Mountain Sky Ride

cheyenne mountain sky ride colorado springs

Cheyenne Mountain is located on the southwest side of Colorado Springs and offers stunning views of the entire city below.

It’s also home to the award-winning Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, which has the Mountaineer Sky Ride gondola.

The Sky Ride gondola is an open-air chair lift with views that stretch all the way out to the Eastern Plains.

It is located inside the zoo and is an added expense on top of the zoo admission price.

But the views are breathtaking and the sunsets are like nothing else you will experience.

Or if you prefer to see a Colorado Springs sunset for free while at Cheyenne Mountain, head south on I-25.

Then exit onto Cheyenne Blvd heading southwest towards the mountains.

Continue on through North Cheyenne Canon Park or head towards the Cheyenne Mountain State Park area.

At 6,800 feet in elevation, anywhere in Cheyenne Mountain is the perfect spot to park your car and watch the sunset over the city.

3. Ute Valley Park Ridge Overlook

ute valley park colorado springs

One of our favorite places for view sunsets in Colorado Springs is Ute Valley Park.

And the ridge overlook is the perfect spot to see the sun setting over the mountains.

Located just west of I-25 in Colorado Springs, Ute Valley Park is a local gem.

It offers a very easy trail climb up the side of a small mountain with panoramic views at the top.

Visitors can park at the Ute Valley Park entrance on Vindicator Drive, then make the hike up the Ute Valley Park Loop Trail.

After a nice, easy hike up the path you will come to the top of the ridge with a gorgeous overlook.

Just look to the west and watch the sunset over the Rocky Mountains!

Ute Valley Park is open seven days a week and is a dog-friendly and kid-friendly hike.

You can expect to see a variety of wildlife on your hike, including herds of mule deer. There are also portable bathrooms available at the parking lot.

4. Garden of the Gods Overlook

pikes peak at garden of the gods

Garden of the Gods is a natural historic landmark that brings in an estimated 4 million visitors each year. And with good reason!

This gorgeous park is best known as one of the state’s most photographed locations.

It has over 1,300 acres of formations, grasslands, trails, and a small museum with a visitor center.

For the best sunset views in Colorado Springs, we suggest checking out the scenic overlook on Mesa Road just north of the Garden of the Gods Club.

Another option is to stop in at the Visitor & Nature Center and head out to the balcony that faces Pikes Peak.

When the sun hits this famous mountain you can get some epic photos!

Please note that the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center is only open until 3pm on weekdays.

So, in order to view the sunset here you will have to visit on the weekends when they are open until 5pm.

Another thing to be aware of if you are viewing the sunset inside the Park is that the sun goes down behind the mountains a bit earlier than actual sunset time.

Still, the sky is beautifully painted with amazing colors from pretty much anywhere, and makes for a one-of-a-kind experience.

5. Palmer Park

palmer park colorado springs

One of the largest parks in the city is Palmer Park. It is located in northeast Colorado Springs just east of Interstate 25.

Palmer Park consists of over 25 miles of trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and running.

On the grounds you will find a trailhead, dog park with leash-free dog trails, a Cave Outlook, and a wildlife preserve overlook.

In addition, you can enjoy the horse stables, two baseball / softball fields, a soccer field, and three volleyball courts.

The best place for seeing the sunset in Colorado Springs is near the wildlife and botanical preserve that overlooks the city.

Or hike up the easy 1.5 mile Grandview Trail for beautiful mountain views to the west.

The trails at Palmer Park are similar to what you will find at Pulpit Rock and Ute Valley Park.

Palmer Park is open seven days a week from 9am-5pm with restrooms available. Dogs are welcome too, of course!

Palmer Park is so large that there are multiple overlooks for seeing the sunset.

You really can’t go wrong with anywhere you choose to sit and see the views!

6. Paint Mines Interpretive Park

Paint Mines trail in Calhan CO

Heading out east of Colorado Springs towards the Eastern Plains is where you will find the Paint Mines Interpretive Park.

Instead of traveling towards the mountains to watch the sunset, this unique location offers expansive mountain views that are perfect for sunset time.

Along with the colorful geological formations, you will be able to view the Rocky Mountains along the main hiking path called Paint Mines Trail.

This 3.4 mile path is easily accessible via the main parking lot and is an easy hike for all ages.

And the best part is that the Paint Mines is a completely free destination for hiking or watching Colorado sunsets.

To find the Paint Mines drive east on Highway 24 for about 45 minutes until you arrive at Calhan, Colorado.

From here you will turn onto Paint Mine Road which leads to the park.

The Park is open from dawn until dusk 7 days a week and makes a great destination for an evening hike with sunset views.

7. John Venezia Community Park

john venezia community park colorado springs

If you’re looking for a more social experience within Colorado Springs’ city limits, check out the John Venezia Community Park.

It is located in the Briargate neighborhood of northern Colorado Springs off Briargate Parkway.

The main attractions here are the park’s large soccer fields, basketball court, pickleball court, and small playground for children.

There is also a small paved trail that borders the multi-use sports fields, which offers amazing views of Pikes Peak along with evening sunsets.

We recommend hiking around the Briargate Trail, which is a 2-mile paved walkway with acres of wildflowers and native grasses.

Very near the John Venezia Community Park is a grocery store, coffee shop, and several other restaurants.

And since the park has several large pavilions and picnic areas, you can bring your own food and drinks, or purchase them nearby.

Then, enjoy a quiet night watching the beautiful sunset.

8. Rampart Park

rampart park colorado springs

Another amazing place with expansive views of the sunset in Colorado Springs is Rampart Park.

This park is located just south of John Venezia Community Park near Research Parkway.

The park caters to sports lovers in that it offers a basketball court, baseball field, soccer field, tennis courts, and a playground.

Rampart Park also has a disc golf course and a BMX Track if you really enjoy these types of sports.

A paved sidewalk surrounds the perimeter of the park, called Rampart Park Trail. This is an easy 1-mile loop walk with benches along the trail to stop and watch the sunset.

Views of the Front Range mountains are available on nearly every section of this pathway.

And since the trail is paved, it’s also wheelchair and accessibility friendly.

If you have dogs, you’ll want to check out the Rampart Dog Park which is located right next to the park, with its own entrance and parking lot.

Bring your dog and your kids and enjoy an easy nighttime stroll.

9. Fox Run Park in Black Forest

hiking black forest colorado

The final place on our list to see the sunset in Colorado Springs is Black Forest.

This spacious regional park covers about 1,000 square miles with hundreds of trails and paths for hiking, biking, and even horseback riding.

Black Forest is located northeast of Colorado Springs and includes parks like Fox Run Regional Park, Black Forest Section 16, and the Pineries Open Space.

The Fox Run Loop Trail is a 3.1 mile easy loop that weaves in and out of the woods. And it’s perfect for seeing wildflowers, birdwatching and viewing wildlife.

This is the trail we suggest when wanting to stop and see the colorful sunset as there are benches along the path that face views of Pikes Peak.

Dogs are welcomed on the Fox Run Loop Trail but must be kept on a leash. Or head to the Fox Run Dog Park.

The Fox Run area also has two playgrounds if you have kids as well as several pavilions for taking a food break.


We hope this guide will help you discover gorgeous sunsets and peaceful evenings while in Colorado Springs.

When trying to get a good view of the sunset over the mountains in the city, most parks and outdoor destinations will be a good pick.

So, you really can’t go wrong with any of the locations we recommend.