10 Best Hot Springs Near Aspen, CO to Visit This Winter

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If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating adventure near Aspen, Colorado then a dip in an outdoor mineral spring might be just the thing.

Full of healing natural minerals, these natural water formations have been used for centuries to soothe the mind and body. 

While there are numerous hot springs in Colorado and a short drive to Aspen unveils some of the state’s most impressive destinations.

Be sure to head over to these incredible hot springs near Aspen, Colorado, for your next day trip or weekend adventure. 

1. Penny Hot Springs


As one of the closest hot springs near Aspen, the Penny Hot Springs is nestled on the banks of the Crystal River. 

While unassuming, they offer an incredible opportunity to get up close to nature and experience the beauty and solitude of the Filoha Meadows Nature Preserve.

After a short hike, you can relax along the granite rocks and soak in the geothermal mineral waters that stay warm all year long. 

The pools are only around two feet deep and 10-12 feet across, so they are great for families seeking a unique outdoor experience. Parking is available nearby, making it easy to access, and there is no camping allowed. 

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During springtime, the hot springs can flood due to melting snow, so be sure to visit in summer or winter for an exciting and unique adventure. 

The whole family will enjoy soaking in the rustic hot springs waters of Penny Hot Springs near Aspen, Colorado

Distance: 41.6 miles

Travel Time: 53 mins

2. Glenwood Hot Springs

glenwood springs hot springs resort

Luxury meets relaxation at Glenwood Hot Springs and it’s no secret that this hot spring destination is one of our favorites. 

Nestled within the majestic Colorado Rockies, the beautiful Glenwood Hot Springs Resort location is ideal for leaving the world behind. 

Enjoy your meals beside the world’s largest hot spring pool, which features multiple levels and separate soaking areas.

Located within the town of Glenwood Springs, which was founded in the 1880s, these hot springs have been a favorite destination for tourists for over 150 years.

Once you’re done soaking, head out into the city to explore the Frontier Museum, enjoy shopping in local stores, and see the sights from the famous pedestrian bridge. 

In the summer, kids and adults can enjoy the Sopris Splash Zone as well as the Shoshone Chutes. You won’t want to miss this historic hot spring experience.

Distance: 41.5 miles

Travel Time: 55 min

3. Iron Mountain Hot Springs

iron mountain hot springs

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, spend the day in the steaming geothermal waters at the renowned Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

There are multiple geothermal pools spread throughout the property, as well as a freshwater pool, jetted spa, cafes, bars, and more.

Less than an hour from Aspen, you can relax and unwind with breathtaking views of the Colorado Rockies.

General access passes allow you to enjoy 18 world-famous pools, including 16 natural mineral pools and hot tubs.

Or choose an all-day soak pass to get the most out of your time. Lounge under the thatched porticos or swim in the soothing mineral waters as you soak away your cares and reconnect with nature. 

With so many pool options available, you may want to book an overnight stay or stay the weekend so you can get the most out of this impressive resort.

Open rain or shine, you’ll want to come back to the luxurious hot spring pools from Iron Mountain Hot Springs again and again. 

Distance: 42 miles

Travel Time: 55 min

4. South Canyon Hot Springs


Another undeveloped location where you can connect with nature near Aspen is the South Canyon Hot Springs.

A short hike leads you to two natural hot spring pools nestled within the landscape for an unforgettable experience.

You can relax your muscles after exploring the surrounding scenic areas, which include mountain trails and evergreen forests.

While the location is fairly remote you’re still close to towns, so you can spend the night grabbing a drink, enjoying a meal, or wandering through the shops. 

Only 15 minutes from Glenwood Springs and about an hour from Aspen, this remote hot spring location is a must-see for all relaxation seekers.

Distance: 47.2 miles

Travel Time: 59 min

5. Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort


Bring the family along as you spend the weekend at the Mount Princeton Hot Spring Resort which is located near the small town of Buena Vista. 

The geothermal mineral pools are open 365 days a year and range in temperature from 70° to 120°. And many locals consider Mt Princeton Hot Springs to be the best natural hot springs in the state due to its odor-less smell.

Enjoy the infinity pool and water slides in the summer. Or wait for fall when the leaves change, and the steam rises from the pools for a surreal and unforgettable experience. 

Private and public soaking options are available, making this an excellent destination for families or those seeking a quiet and relaxing getaway. 

Spa treatments, which include massages and facials, are available to help you get the most out of your relaxing day or weekend.

Extend your stay and enjoy complimentary mountain biking, skiing, and fitness classes, as well as two-day access to the rejuvenating hot springs.

Be sure to explore the 70-acre property, surrounded by towering mountains, at this family-friendly hot springs near Aspen.

Distance: 71.4 miles

Travel Time: 1 hr 43 mins

6. Radium Hot Springs


For an even more secluded hot springs near Aspen, the Radium Hot Springs are situated in a remote location beside the banks of the Colorado River.

You’ll be amazed as you drive through the towering mountain passes on your way to this secluded destination.

Once there, a parking lot is available, making it easy to access the hot springs. Due to its proximity to the mighty Colorado River, the temperatures can dip to a chilly 80°, but for the brave, it’s more than worth it.

After a short hike, you will enjoy the complete immersion in nature as you take in the scenery and breathe the fresh air. 

During springtime, the hot springs may wash out, so be sure to check out this unique hot spring location during the summer. 

Distance: 110 miles

Travel Time: 2 hrs 11 min

7. Ouray Hot Springs 

ouray hot springs colorado resort

Located in the historic city of Ouray, the Ouray Hot Springs are a sight to behold. There are five geothermal mineral pools, ranging in temperature between 74° and 106°.

Each hot spring is sulfur-free and fed by an underground aquifer, making them soothing and relaxing.

Children four and younger, as well as seniors aged 75+, get in free, making this a great spot to bring the entire family.

You’ll want to check out the water slides which plunge you into the mineral water and make a great addition to an already exciting destination.

Don’t forget to check out the beautiful city and soak in the incredible views at this historic hot spring location. 

Distance: 171 miles

Travel Time: 3 hr 37 mins

8. Conundrum Hot Springs

conundrum hot springs

The ultimate hot springs location for outdoor lovers, the Conundrum Hot Springs is definitely off the beaten path. 

Only accessible by a scenic nine-mile hike via the Conundrum Creek Trail, the journey is as enjoyable as the destination. 

Summer is the best time to visit this isolated location, where you will soak your troubles away at the base of the breathtaking Castle Peak.

The trail to the hot springs takes you up 11,200 feet, so be sure to plan accordingly. Along the way, nature immerses you as you meander through evergreen forests, towering rock formations, and rolling glens. 

Unleash your adventurous spirit at this natural hot spring that’s a hidden gem in Colorado!

Distance: 115 Miles

Travel Time: 3 hrs 41 min

9. Pagosa Springs Resort & Spa 

pagosa springs resort colorado

For an unforgettable day or weekend, head over to the Pagosa Springs Resort & Spa.

Overlooking the San Juan River, the hot springs boast mineral-rich geothermal water renowned for its mental, physical, and spiritual benefits.

This luxury resort boasts numerous hot water pools in different sizes, allowing you to socialize with others or enjoy a more remote soaking experience. 

Once you’re done immersing yourself in the mineral waters, head over to the spa for a relaxing massage or facial. 

When you book a room, you receive 24-hour access to the hot spring pools, hiking, yoga, and other exciting activities.

Whether you’re using a day pass or staying for the weekend, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world after your time at the soothing hot springs at Pagosa Springs.

Distance: 222 miles

Travel Time: 4 hrs 20 min

10. Strawberry Park Hot Springs


Leave the hustle and bustle behind and experience true serenity at the Strawberry Hot Springs.

Open year-round, this alcohol-free location is designed to help you reconnect with nature and find full-body healing. The hot springs are surrounded by rustic stone walls and nestled within an evergreen forest. 

Lodging rentals are available and only a short drive from the famous Steamboat Springs.

Enjoy swimming in the mineral-rich waters and head into town to explore delicious dining, fun shopping, and the town’s local charm.

During the winter, four-wheel drive is required, so be sure to plan accordingly. Leave the everyday behind with a trip to this secluded hot spring location

Distance: 158 miles

Travel Time: 3 hrs 2 min

Experience the ultimate relaxation at one of these epic hot springs destinations located just a short distance from beautiful Aspen, Colorado.

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