17 EPIC Rocky Mountain National Park Tours in Colorado

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Are you looking for the best Rocky Mountain National Park tours for all skill levels? Then keep reading.

There are a plethora of tours available for you to capture stunning photos of wildlife, waterfalls, alpine lakes, and jagged mountains. 

Some articles detailing the best Rocky Mountain National Park tours include activities that are not actually in RMNP.

So, take it from a local who’s visited Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park multiple times.

Here are the best tours to uncover the rich history, rugged wilderness, and wildlife viewing that one of the most famous national parks has to offer.

What are the best Rocky Mountain National Park tours?

✔️ Day trip to RMNP from Denver: Best for couples & families

✔️ Scenic Flight Over RMNP: Best for special occasions

✔️ Rocky Mountain Jeep Tour: Best for all fitness levels

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All of these Rocky Mountain National Park tours (and many more!) are listed below in more detail.

Experience the ultimate photography adventure in one of America’s most rugged and wild Parks with these personalized guided tours.

1. Private Rocky Mountain National Park Tour from Denver


There’s nothing like a day trip from Denver to Rocky Mountain National Park to see the rugged beauty of the Colorado mountains.

On this full 8-hour tour you’ll be transported in a comfortable and upscale vehicle as you drive through small, historic towns and over alpine passes.

Your tour of Rocky Mountain National Park is completely taken care of for you and your loved ones so you can sit back and enjoy the views.

Stops along the way include:

  • Denver Union Station
  • Lily Lake
  • Estes Park
  • Stanley Hotel
  • Trail Ridge Road

Throughout the drive keep your eyes open for a chance to spot some local wildlife including moose, black bear, elk, deer, and eagles.

This tour includes two pick up locations, in Denver or Boulder, depending on where you’re located. 

With more than 2,300 five-star reviews, this private Rocky Mountain National Park tour from Denver is a must-do.

2. Scenic Airplane Flight Over RMNP

If you’re looking for an epic way to take in the views of Rocky Mountain National Park, this tour is for you. There’s no better experience than this 30-minute private scenic airplane ride.

Take to the skies for a guided tour as you fly over Crater Lake and Big Thompson Canyon. 

You’ll also see the perspective of the Cameron Peak burn scar while learning about other interesting facts about the land below.

Your pilot, a certified tour guide, will provide a quick safety and training session as well as answer any burning questions along the way.

This airplane tour over Rocky Mountain National Park is perfect for special events like Mother’s Day, birthday, or anniversary.

You’ll take off from the Vance Brand Airport in Longmont, which is located about 45 minutes from Denver.

Get a bird’s eye view of Colorado’s stunning landscape, as well as the small town of Estes Park, on this scenic flight over RMNP.

Book this Scenic Flight over RMNP
🤩 5/5 stars (certified tour)

3. Rocky Mountain National Park Jeep Tour 

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of booking a Jeep tour in Colorado, and this Rocky Mountain Jeep tour is an excellent choice.

Join a naturalist guide and expert driver to explore Rocky Mountain National Park in a comfy Jeep

While marveling at the unique flora and fauna, be on the lookout for wildlife like moose, elk, and many different kinds of birds.

As part of the tour price you also get access to hiking poles, hotel pickup and drop-off, and park entry ticket for your timed reservation. 

This all-day tour also includes a picnic lunch, snacks, and water throughout the day. 

In addition, this is one of the tours on our list that is wheelchair accessible and a great activity for most fitness levels.

Spend time learning about the park’s history, geology, and nature as you drive via switchbacks on Old Fall River Road.

And in the summer you can expect to see a gorgeous array of Colorado wildflowers that dot the valley landscape.

Have an unforgettable experience of Rocky Mountain National Park on this fantastic Jeep tour.

Book this RMNP Jeep Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (group tour)

4. Rocky Mountain National Park Day Trip & Lunch

If you’re looking to explore more of Estes Park on your visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, check out this 8-hour day trip and lunch tour.

What’s better than enjoying a picnic lunch while taking in the panoramic views of the red sandstone formations?

Meet your guide at Denver Union Station as you climb aboard a spacious, air conditioned van. 

As you drive through Boulder you’ll be able to see the 300-million-year-old iconic Flatirons. We used to see this gorgeous view everyday from our apartment window when we lived in Boulder!

Then it’s onto Estes Park where you’ll stop for a visit at the famous Stanley Hotel. This hotel was made famous as the shooting location for Stephen King’s film “The Shining.”

Finally, you’ll head into Rocky Mountain National Park for a drive down Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous paved road in North America.

Entrance fees to the park, lunch, water, and roundtrip van transportation to Denver are included with the tour price.

Book this RMNP Day Trip + Lunch Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (certified tour)

5. Hiking Adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park

fern lake trail rocky mountain national park

If you’re looking to explore Rocky Mountain National Park by foot, check out this 8-hour hiking adventure.

While viewing the Park via airplane or in a Jeep does offer a different perspective, there’s nothing like exploring this epic landscape on the ground.

This hiking adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park is an easy-to-moderate 4-mile hike with plenty of stops along the way. Take a break and sit while you take in beautiful mountain views.

You’ll be joined by a local hiking guide who shares the knowledge and experience of what it’s like to hike in the rugged Rockies.

After this nice hike, you’ll stop for a complimentary picnic lunch, which caters to most dietary restrictions.

Due to the weather, trail conditions, and crowds the specific trail is chosen the day of the hike.

Transportation from Rocky Mountain National Park from Denver is included with this tour as well as a packed lunch and water refills.

Book this RMNP Hiking Adventure from Denver
🤩 5/5 stars (400+ reviews)

6. Tour of Rocky Mountain National Park in Summer 

rocky mountain national park

Summer in Rocky Mountain National Park is a beautiful time of year, and one that’s not to be missed.

On this full-day tour from Denver you’ll picnic among the summer landscape of green trees and rolling meadows full of wildflowers.

Drive above the timberline as you cross the Continental Divide. Then take a stroll around as you look for wildlife inside the park. 

Afterwards it’s time to explore the charming mountain town of Estes Park and stop at the historic Stanley Hotel, where you might even see a ghost or two.

Included with this day trip outing are all the national park fees, comfortable transportation, snacks, water, picnic lunch.

This tour of Rocky Mountain National Park in the summer is perfect for small groups of 12 guests or less.

Book this RMNP Summer Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (200+ reviews)

7. RMNP & Estes Park Tour from Denver

Experience the authentic charm of Colorado anytime of year, spring or winter, with this delightful day tour to Rocky Mountain National Park

Your private driver and expert guide will greet you and lead you to a comfortable and roomy air-conditioned vehicle. 

Sit back and relax as they take care of the driving for you, giving you the opportunity to relish the scenery. 

This Rocky Mountain National Park excursion includes entrance fees, pickup and drop-off, as well as free water refills.

En route to the Park, you will pass through Boulder and have the chance to see the picturesque brick campus of the University of Colorado’s main campus. 

Upon arrival at RMNP, keep an eye out for mule deer, black bear, and other wildlife. Then it’s time to stretch your legs at a stunning glacial lake while snapping countless photographs. 

Later, explore the delightful mountain village of Estes Park, and maybe stop for an elk burger, before returning to Denver. 

You’ll have the chance to see Colorado’s wildlife in their natural habitat and enjoy some free time to indulge in lunch and shopping in Estes Park.

Book this RMNP & Estes Park Day Trip
🤩 5/5 stars (200+ reviews)

8. Rocky Mountain National Park Hike to Dream Lake

dream lake colorado

A tour of Rocky Mountain National Park isn’t complete without a visit to an alpine lake. And this epic tour includes a scenic hike to Dream Lake, one of the Park’s most beautiful lakes.

Enjoy an unforgettable sunrise hike in Rocky Mountain National Park that lasts 3 hours. Watch the sun come up as you wander through a forest of evergreen Christmas trees. 

Meet your tour guide outside the park early in the morning, then follow them in your personal vehicle into the park. This RMNP tour does not include transportation so you’ll need your own vehicle. 

Once you’ve arrived at Dream Lake, you’ll take a stroll on the, sometimes, frozen ice and savor the breathtaking vistas. 

The hike is approximately 2.2 miles long and ascends to a total elevation gain of 425 feet. This tour isn’t recommended for children under the age of 7, wheelchair users, or anyone with back problems.

At the end of the hike, capture your memories with some high-quality digital photographs taken by a professional photographer. 

Even in the summer, Dream Lake is a cool reprieve from the hot summer days of the Mile High City.

9. Small-Group Tour of Rocky Mountain National Park

fern lake trail rocky mountain national park

For a small group tour check out the renowned and protected wonderland that is Rocky Mountain National Park

Join a local guide as you drive through the foothills and venture into the untouched western wilderness. 

You and your group will stop at the charming resort town of Estes Park as well as the historic (and reputedly haunted) Stanley Hotel. 

During the winter months, the tour will pause at snow-draped lakes, cozy mountain hideouts, and visitor centers. While in summer, it offers access to soaring Trail Ridge Road and many other alpine panoramas. 

Explore the stunning Rocky Mountain National Park, even if you have just a day to spare. Enjoy this 8-hour tour by stopping at mountain towns, lakes, a visitors center, and awe-inspiring alpine viewpoints. 

And be sure to look for wildlife like moose, elk, and ground animals as you immerse yourself in the Park’s natural beauty.

Admission to Rocky Mountain National Park is included with this tour, as well as complimentary bottled water.

Let a knowledgeable guide take charge of the driving on winding mountain roads while you soak up the pretty scenery. 

Book this Small Group Tour to RMNP
🤩 5/5 stars (90+ reviews)

10. Trail Ridge Road Night Photography Tour 

For a completely different Rocky Mountain National Park experience, try this sunset and night photography tour

Join a professional photographer as you explore at least three iconic locations in RMNP. Get ready to experience the afternoon golden hour and sunset all while capturing stunning photographs. 

As an experienced photographer who has traveled extensively, your guide ensures that you’ll have the opportunity to snap the best photos. 

Thanks to breathtaking vistas and diverse photographic spots, this photo location is one-of-a-kind. 

During the tour, a pro photographer will suggest other great locations, offer advice on composition and subject matter. They’ll also provide assistance with camera settings if you are a beginner. 

Following sunset, there will be a brief intermission to grab a snack and prepare for night photography.  

There’s no need for a reservation or entrance fees for Rocky Mountain National Park. The photographer’s commercial use permit eliminates the need for an advance permit. 

In anticipation of the Milky Way, all locations are situated above 10,000 feet elevation, providing a unique and unforgettable photographic experience.

11. Private Rocky Mountain National Park Summer Driving Tour 

If a day spent exploring Rocky Mountain National Park with a group isn’t your thing, try this private summer driving tour.

Let your private guide take care of the logistics, so you can relax and enjoy the best mountain views. Connect with your guide in Estes Park where free pickup from your hotel is available.

Leaving the driving to someone else will help increase your chances of spotting wildlife, including moose, bighorn sheep, and elk. 

Discover highlights along the way, such as the famous Trail Ridge Road and Old Fall River Road, and customize the route based on your interests. 

No need to worry about timed-entry tickets that sell out quickly, as the entrance and permit fee into the Rocky Mountain National Park are included with your ticket!

Make the most of your visit to Rocky Mountain National Park with this stress-free private tour from Estes Park that showcases incredible wildlife and breathtaking scenery. 

Book this Private Summer Driving Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (50+ reviews)

12. Rocky Mountain National Park Tour from Denver 

rocky mountain national park colorado

As one of the most renowned national parks in the United States, a day trip from Denver to Rocky Mountain National Park is a must. 

Meet up with a local guide at Denver Union Station at 9:30am and get ready for an epic 8-hour tour of RMNP.

Throughout the drive you’ll pass by the Flatirons, iconic rock formations in Boulder, and over the gently rolling hills of Lyons.

Then it’s onto Rocky Mountain National Park for picturesque views of alpine tundra, forests, lakes, and meadows. 

Experience the excitement of crossing the Great Divide on the impressive Trail Ridge Road, while a guide expertly navigates the winding mountain roads. 

Lunch is also included with this tour and comes with your choice of turkey or vegetarian sandwich. Just mention your dietary restrictions at the checkout.

Then, catch a glimpse of the infamous Stanley Hotel and the beautiful town of Estes Park.

With the convenience of not having to rent a car, this tour is a great choice for a day trip from Denver. It includes transportation, park fees, lunch, and water refills. 

You’ll enjoy breathtaking views of Long’s Peak and other mountains, as well as opportunities to drive through the charming resort town of Estes Park and visit the Stanley Hotel. 

Book this Epic RMNP Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (60+ reviews)

13. Full-Day Rocky Mountain National Park Tour

Go over the top on your Rocky Mountain National Park adventure with this full-day tour.

Take in the full glory of this rugged wilderness and local wildlife with a photographer as your guide. 

Your personal vehicle will take you through the entire park, so you’ll be driving your own car.

Get ready for stops at the Alpine Visitor Center and Kawuneeche Valley for expert photography lessons and breathtaking photo opportunities. 

Enjoy lunch together in Grand Lake, then continue on to more stunning vistas and photographic moments before returning to Estes Park. 

Grab photos at the top of the highest highway in the U.S. while you leave the driving to your guide so you can fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty. 

Keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife, such as deer, moose, and elk, and take unforgettable photos at the Continental Divide.

Cameras and cell phone cameras are welcomed and encouraged so you can capture the stunning landscape that RMNP has to offer.

Book this Over the Top RMNP Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (19+ reviews)

14. Sunrise Tour of Rocky Mountain National Park

sunsets in colorado springs

Experience an unforgettable sunrise over the majestic peaks of Colorado on this private morning tour of Rocky Mountain National Park

With this 3-hour tour, you can beat the crowds by getting in early and learning about the park’s history and biology from a knowledgeable naturalist guide. 

Customize your itinerary according to your preferences, whether it’s hiking, wildlife spotting, or photography. This tour includes entrance fees to RMNP and taxes, plus private transportation from Estes Park. 

Get insider access with a local naturalist and historian to discover the best places to hike, spot animals, or capture the stunning views.

This sunrise tour of Rocky Mountain National Park meets up at 5:30am by meeting up with your guide in Estes Park.

And be sure to bring your camera as you’re bound to see birds, plants, and local wildlife as everything wakes up to life for the day.

Book this Sunrise Tour of RMNP
🤩 5/5 stars (10+ reviews)

15. Premier Wildlife Tour of Rocky Mountain National Park


For avid wildlife lovers, we highly recommend this premier wildlife tour of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Discover the best of Colorado’s wildlife with a full-day tour focused solely on animal sightings in the Rockies. 

Your knowledgeable guide will take you to the best spots to see bighorn sheep, moose, elk, and mule deer. 

Along the way, learn about the park’s incredible biodiversity and ecology while avoiding the crowds at lesser-known locations. 

Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or nature photographer, this tour is perfect for you! Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated RMNP tour company for wildlife sightings. 

Let your guide handle the driving so you can fully focus on the animals and scenery. Included with this tour is private transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle, snacks, bottled water, and entrance fees.

Choose from tours that can last up to 12 hours in the summer or 4 hours in the winter. Get great value and incredible wildlife sightings on this unique tour of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Book this Premier Wildlife Tour of RMNP
🤩 5/5 stars (40+ reviews)

16. Lower Valley Tour of Rocky Mountain National Park 

Explore the breathtaking natural beauty of Estes Park’s Lower Valley on this small-group tour. Meet your guide at the Visitor Center in Estes Park and receive a 2-way radio to stay in touch during the tour. 

Follow the guide in your own vehicle and discover the highlights of the area, including Sheep Lakes, Alluvial Fan Waterfall, and Moraine Park. 

Keep an eye out for local wildlife and take in the stunning alpine views along the way. 

This tour is perfect for those who prefer to have a more private tour, as you will remain in the comfort of your own car. 

Enjoy several photo stops and learn about the area’s ecology from your knowledgeable guide.

All fees, taxes, and entry ticket costs are included with this 3-4 hour tour of Rocky Mountain National Park. However, you will want to bring your own snacks and bottled water.

Book this Lower Valley Tour of RMNP
🤩 5/5 stars (75+ reviews)

17. Fall Elk Rut Rocky Mountain National Park Tour 


Experience the excitement of the elk rut during this personalized 4-5 hour tour through Rocky Mountain National Park

This fall tour is best booked during the Elk Rut season in September or October. It’s completely focused on your group and takes you on the famous Old Fall River Road (open typically through September). 

Here you’ll encounter spectacular views of mountains and waterfalls while stopping at the highest visitor center in the US National Park Service System.

Witness the incredible elk rut mating season in Moraine Park, a great experience akin to a safari. 

Please note that this is a driving tour and not a hiking tour. The minimum number of guests is 2. And hotel pickup is available only for guests in Estes Park or the surrounding small towns. 

All fees and taxes, plus private transportation and bottled water are included in this personalized tour.

What should you wear on a Rocky Mountain National Park tour?

Visiting Rocky Mountain National Park means dressing in layers, no matter what time of year. When exploring the mountains the temperatures can drop unexpectedly, so you should come prepared. 

However, after a long hike, you may want to remove some layers as the Colorado sun can get quite warm in summer. 

Some of the best things to wear in Colorado on a tour of Rocky Mountain National Park are:

  • light hiking shoes
  • or sneakers with good tread
  • windbreaker jacket
  • sweater or sweatshirt
  • rain jacket
  • cap or other hat

And don’t forget to put on plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of water throughout your day trip.

What are the best months to visit Rocky Mountain National Park?

golden gate canyon state park colorado

The absolute best time of the year to visit Rocky Mountain National Park is November through April.

Summer and fall weekends are the busiest times of year for the park, so these months see fewer crowds.

However, this is the time of year when tourist attractions like Trail Ridge Road will likely be closed due to the weather.

So, it may be better to book a time to visit RMNP in the early spring or late summer. That way you avoid the crowds but still experience everything the park has to offer.

How much time do you need to explore Rocky Mountain National Park?

Most of these Rocky Mountain National Park tours on this list are half-day or full-day excursions.

However, if you have more time to spare it’s best to spend at least 3 days exploring this rugged wilderness. There is so much to see thanks to Alpine Ridge Road, Bear Lake, Emerald Lake, and Old River Road. 

Not to mention all of the amazing hiking spots to discover with gorgeous overlooks and wildlife spotting.

You’ll need more than just one afternoon to see all that RMNP has to offer, so you can book a three day trip, you won’t regret it.

Any time spent in the Colorado Rockies promises to yield beautiful scenery, miles of trails and wildlife viewing. 

From wildlife tours to photography tours these tour packages offer a wonderful time for you and your loved ones to have an amazing experience.

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