Glenwood Springs Adventure Park: Is it Worth the Price?

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Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park sits atop Iron Mountain perched at 7,100 feet in elevation.

It gives sweeping views of Glenwood Canyon and the entire Glenwood Springs valley below. 

As “America’s only mountain-top theme park” the Glenwood Springs Adventure Park is a truly unique venue for an amusement park. And it’s one you will won’t likely experience again.

The park is open year round and has attractions and rides for kids and adults of all ages. 

But is it worth the price and the hype?

Here’s what to expect when visiting the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs.

The Glenwood Gondola

In order to get to the top of the mountain where the amusement park is, you have to ride the Glenwood Gondola.

It starts near the parking lot at the bottom of the Glenwood Springs valley. It travels up the mountainside slowly for about 10 minutes.

glenwood gondola

Previously the Glenwood Gondola was a multicab tram that would only fit 10-12 passengers.

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But in 2019 the tram was remodeled to be a Gondola with individual cabs for a better and faster experience.

In our opinion a gondola ride up and down the mountain is worth the price by itself. It’s an amazing experience!

On the way up, or down, you’ll see stunning views of the valley and Colorado River below.

And on a clear day, the Rocky Mountains can be seen for miles and miles into the distance.

The Viewing Deck

Once you arrive at the top of Iron Mountain, you’ll be able to choose your own adventure. 

Depending on the type of tickets you purchased you can check out any number of attractions and fun things to do.

A general store and gift shop is located in this main area, along with a restaurant, snack bar, and a viewing deck.

The Viewing Deck features the most beautiful Colorado views you will likely ever see.

Catch a glimpse of Mount Sopris and the other staggering mountain ranges nearby.

The Viewing Deck wraps around multiple sides of the building allowing visitors to see nearly 360 degree views on all sides.

Posted signs on the balcony detail the history and geology of the rocks and mountains in the area. 

Some of the main attractions at the Glenwood Springs Adventure Park include the Cave Tours, Alpine Coaster, and the Canyon Swing.

But there are many other things to explore as well, like:

  • Laser Tag
  • Discovery Rock Gemstone Panning
  • Old Tyme Photos
  • Climbing Wall
  • Wild West Express Coaster
  • Cliffhanger Roller Coaster
  • Soaring Eagle Zip Ride

Cave Tours

It’s no secret that Colorado is known for having lots of caves for exploring, and some of the most beautiful ones are located in Glenwood Springs.

One of the main types of tickets you can purchase is the Gondola & Cave Tours bundle.

We highly recommend this if you don’t have a lot of time at this attraction, or if you enjoy exploring Colorado caverns.

Just make sure to snap a picture of when the cave tour times start as the schedule changes daily. 

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has two different caves that are open to the public.

King’s Row 

King’s Row is a 200 foot long cave room that’s so large it was named The Barn. 

At a height of a 5-story building it’s the second largest cave in Colorado.

As you start your tour, it’s 120 steps down to the King’s Row viewing room where you’ll see some unique and breathtaking cave formations.

It’s named the King’s Row because all of the rock formations look like chess pieces.

It’s one of the most highly decorated cave rooms in Colorado!

Fairy Caves

The Fairy Cave was discovered by the original land owner, Charles Darrow, in 1896. 

It was one of the first faves in the United States to have electric lighting installed.

Along the tour you’ll pass by a historic lighting section called History Lane, which is illuminated by Edison and Marconi-style light bulbs.

The tour leads you on a quarter-mile long underground stroll through narrow and historic passages.

It showcases natural water features and a viewing balcony outside called the Exclamation Point.

And yes, you will exclaim when you see it as many of the adults on this tour said “WOW” the moment they walked outside. 

Both cave tours are about 40 minutes long. They’re pretty easy walkable tours and good for all skill levels, or even kids.

Just make sure to take breaks if you’re not used to the altitude.

Inside the caves are kept at a constant 52 degrees so be sure to bring a light jacket and comfortable walking shoes.

Glenwood Springs Troll

Halvor Flowstone, aka the Protector of the Caves, is a 14-foot tall troll. Halvor means Defender of the Rock in old Norse.

Legend has it that Halvor lived with his troll parents in the caves below the Adventure Park. And over the years he has guarded the treasures of King’s Row for many, many years.

Today, he still protects the park and the rocks from outside the cave entrance.

You’ll find Halvor along the Iron Mountain Trail where you can pose with him for pictures. Kids can also enjoy climbing on his legs and feet.

Giant Canyon Swing

Typically only open during the summer season, the Giant Canyon Swing is a pendulum thrill ride that’s a true adrenaline rush.

It was named one of the most extreme rides in America by USA Today.

You and three other passengers are swinging back-and-forth 1,300 feet above the canyon floor, traveling at a top speed of 50mph. 

Due to the adrenaline rush of this ride, it requires a minimum height of 48 inches to ride.

It’s one of the park’s favorite and most popular rides at Glenwood Canyon Adventure Park.

Alpine Coaster 

If you like roller coasters then you have to try the Alpine Coaster. 

Speed down 3,400 feet of track at the top of Iron Mountain as you race around tight turns, up and down. 

And the best part is; you can control the speed!

Ride the Alpine Coaster in the summertime. Or ride it in the winter when there’s snow and the rails are decked out with thousands of fairy lights.

USA Today even said that the Alpine Coaster is one of the 10 best Roller Coaster Rides of Your Life.

At the time of this post, the Glenwood Springs Adventure Park has new attractions being built and opening soon, like the Defiance Gravity Roller Coaster. 

The owners are always expanding and creating new rides for people to enjoy. 

Canyon Flyer

Perched on the edge of the Glenwood Canyon, the Canyon Flyer is a giant swing that goes round and round, faster and higher with each turn.

It’s not as much of a rush as some of the other rides, but if you’re scared of heights then you may still want to skip this one.

As you go faster and higher, your swing will dangle over the edge of the canyon below.

The Canyon Flyer is a favorite of kids and adults. But it does require a minimum height of 48 inches to ride.

Glenwood Adventure Park Tickets & Pricing

Ticket prices at the Genwood Springs Adventure Park start at $21 per adult and increase in price with each add-on.

The cheapest thing to do is enjoy a ride on the Gondola or bundle it with a Cave Tour.

If you want a full day of access, called a FUNDAY Pass, it will cost about $60 per person. 

But you get unlimited access to all the rides and all the attractions that are open during that season.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket window when you walk up to the Gondola area.

Are you still wondering if the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park lives up to the hype and the price? 

Well hopefully we’ve been able to convince you that, yes it does. 

In our opinion, after visiting, it truly is worth the price! 

We were actually pleasantly surprised with how entertaining and fun the park was. The rides and attractions were high quality and thrilling.

Plus, you can choose your own adventure with different packages and attraction options. So there really is something for everyone here.

Ticket prices offer tons of entertainment value and unforgettable memories for the whole family.

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