13 Top Colorado Springs Tours That Locals Love [2024]

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A visit to Colorado Springs is always an unforgettable experience. It offers spectacular views from nearly every part of the city.

To say there is something to do here all year long is an understatement. As a couple who lives in Colorado Springs, we know our way around the city! 

You can jump in a warm Jeep in the winter and take in all of the snowy scenery. Or brave the hot Colorado sun in the summer. Just be prepared to use sunscreen!

Here are the top Colorado Springs tours that are available all year long, no matter the weather! 

What are the best Colorado Springs tours?

✔️ Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride: Best for early risers

✔️ Garden of the Gods Jeep Tour: Best for couples & families

✔️ Seven Falls Zipline Adventure: Best for thrill seekers

These top activities are also listed below with lots more info as well as many other tour recommendations.

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Keep reading to find out which Colorado Springs tour is the right one for you to see all the beauty the city has to offer.

1. Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

frederick in flight hot air balloon festival

If you’re looking for a unique Colorado Springs tour, start the day with a fun sunrise hot air balloon ride.

As you soar over the city you’ll see unbeatable views of landmarks like Pikes Peak, Memorial Park, and Garden of the Gods. 

Join an experienced pilot for this 3-hour ride as you soar over all the scenery Colorado Springs has to offer.

After landing, enjoy a light breakfast and celebratory glass of sparkling wine as you toast your flight.

A sunrise balloon flight is a memorable way to celebrate a special occasion, like an anniversary or engagement.

If you’ve never seen a Colorado sunrise, then this hot air balloon ride is one you don’t want to miss.

Book a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride
🤩 5/5 stars (90+ reviews)

2. Garden of the Gods Jeep Tour

garden of the gods colorado springs

One of our favorite Colorado Springs tours is this Jeep tour at Garden of the Gods

There’s no better way to take in this epic landscape than in an open-air Jeep with a funny but professional guide.

Enjoy a ride around Garden of the Gods, taking in the natural landscape as well as secluded areas. Listen in as your guide explains the history and geology of this magnificent landmark.

This 2.5 hour tour comes with light snacks, bottled water and sodas, as well as blankets for those colder weather days. 

Be sure to dress in layers so you can be prepared for all types of weather that Colorado Springs might experience.

Before leaving, stop off at the Garden of the Gods Nature Center for a free tour of the museum. Then grab a bite to eat or check out the gift shop.

With more than 500 reviews and a Badge of Excellence, a Garden of the Gods Jeep tour in Colorado Springs is a must-do.

Try a Garden of the Gods Jeep Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (500+ reviews)

3. Seven Falls Zipline Tour


Have you ever wanted to soar over the Rocky Mountains and above a huge canyon? Well now you can with this Seven Falls Zipline Tour.

This 3-hour zipline tour is located just outside of Colorado Springs. Reach heights of over 150 feet as you zip through Seven Falls Canyon.

No previous experience is needed and you’ll receive full instruction from an expert zipliner. Full safety equipment is provided as part of your package too.

All activities, equipment, and bottled water are included with your tour. So you may want to bring some snacks in case you get hungry.

This adrenaline packed adventure will ensure you and your loved ones will create unforgettable memories. 

With more than 325 five star reviews, this Seven Falls Zipline Tour is one that won’t soon forget.

Book a Seven Falls Zipline Adventure
🤩 5/5 stars (325+ reviews)

4. Pikes Peak Jeep Tour

pikes peak at garden of the gods

Another incredible natural landmark in Colorado Springs is Pikes Peak, aka America’s Mountain. A great way to get to the summit of Pikes Peak is via this Jeep tour.

Located more than 14,000 feet above sea level, a drive to the top of Pikes Peak is like no other experience you’ve ever had.

The scenery above the treeline is stunning, and you’ll leave with unforgettable memories and photos from this epic day.

Along the way, an expert driver will enthrall you with stories, folklore and historic tales of Colorado’s Wild West days.

Private tours are also available for groups up to 8 people, or 4 people per Jeep.

In addition to an amazing experience on top of Pikes Peak, you’ll also stop at the Pikes Peak Summit House, Glen Cove, and the Bottomless Pit.

Awarded the Badge of Excellence and 200+ five-star reviews, this Pikes Peak tour is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Book a Pikes Peak Jeep Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (230+ reviews)

5. Cheyenne Canon Segway Tour

cheyenne mountain zoo views

One of the most scenic places in all of Colorado Springs is the Cheyenne Canon and Broadmoor area. And one of the best ways to discover this region is via a Segway tour.

A local guide will quickly teach you how to use a Segway (it’s easy, we promise!). Then you’ll hit the trails and see some of the highlights of the beautiful Broadmoor neighborhoods. 

And be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife, as you’re sure to see many different kinds of animals.

This small-group tour is just over 2 hours long, making it a great weekend adventure for up to six people.

Along the Segway tour you’ll see Colorado Springs’ landmarks like Starr Kempf’s Metal Sculptures and the Starsmore Discovery Center. Not to mention stopping off at the iconic Helen Hunt Falls.

But a local favorite is riding the trails of Cheyenne Canon itself. These gorgeous views are unmatched and it’s an experience like none other in the state.

Join in on the 5-star Segway tour of the Cheyenne Canon and Broadmoor area.

Book a Segway Tour of Cheyenne Canyon
🤩 5/5 stars (80+ reviews)

6. Colorado Springs Food Tour

best denver restaurants sushi den

No Colorado Springs tours experience is complete without going on this food tour of the city.

Recently, the Springs has been having an explosive culinary scene and on this tour you’ll visit five incredible restaurants and food shops.

Downtown Colorado Springs is full of history, from Pikes to the gold rush and beyond. And these delicious spots provide the history and culture from a true local’s perspective. 

Rocky Mountain Foods Tours operates this event with sample menus like smokehouse sliders, Irish shepherd’s pie, and hand-tossed pizza.

Creamy churned ice cream from Purple Mountain Majesty Ice Cream rounds out the night.

This 3-hour food tour in Colorado Springs is likely to sell out, especially as the weather continues to warm up.

Try this Colorado Spring Food Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (170+ reviews)

7. Guided History Walking Tour

denver ghost tours walking

Get ready for this guided history walking tour that’s also a ghost tour, provided by Ghostly Emprise. 

You’ll hear a mix of ghostly tales and historical stories, some of which aren’t even publicly known. 

This 1 hour and 30 minute walking tour in Colorado Springs includes six stops at some of the city’s most historic and haunted locations.

And the great news is that since this tour is along paved streets and walkways, it’s completely wheelchair accessible. It’s also kid-friendly and a nice activity for all ages.

A guided walking history and ghost tour makes for a fun adventure for the whole family.

Book a Walking History & Ghost Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (60+ reviews)

8. Garden of the Gods Segway Tour

garden of the gods tours

It’s no doubt that Garden of the Gods is one the most popular destinations in Colorado Springs.

Not only are the red rock formations completely breathtaking, but the entire park is free to visit all year long.

Make the most of your visit to this lovely Park while enjoying this Segway tour.

Along this 1.5 hour tour you’ll learn about the ancient history of the park and see unique landmarks like Kissing Camels and Praying Hands.

During certain times of year you can also see native wildlife such as bighorn sheep, hawks, and white-tailed deer.

If you’re visiting Colorado Springs and have limited time to explore Garden of the Gods, this Segway tour is a big time saver. 

You’ll be able to visit some of the park’s most famous areas, all at a faster pace than hiking. 

This destination is a must-do to add to your Colorado Springs tours itinerary list.

Book a Garden of the Gods Segway Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (80+ reviews)

9. Downtown Brewery Tour

denver beer festival

Colorado has 9.9 breweries per capita, with many of them being located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. 

This Colorado Springs Brewery Tour is a fun way to test out many different local beers and brews.

Get ready to sample a flight of beer at four different craft breweries in the city. You’ll also get to try delicious pairings and snacks from beer cheese soup to braised pork tacos. 

In between the walk to each brewery, guests will also experience an art and history tour, thanks to an expert guide. 

They can answer any questions you might have about beer or the history of the area!

This 3-hour brewery tour in downtown Colorado Springs includes up to 15 different beers as well as sweet and savory food pairings. 

It’s an activity that’s perfect for a different kind of date night, or a fun night out with the fellas.

Book a Colorado Spring Brewery Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (10+ reviews)

10. Pikes Peak Downhill Bike Tour

living in colorado springs

A tour of Colorado Springs isn’t complete without this Pikes Peak Downhill Bike tour.

This 4-hour long tour is one of the top things to do in Colorado! 

Included with your activity is coffee and a light breakfast, as well as a comfy ride to the summit of Pikes Peak. Then you’ll hop on your bicycle for an exhilarating downhill bike ride. 

But don’t worry, there are plenty of scenic stops and enjoy the sights. Along the ride down, you’ll be able to capture once-in-a-lifetime photos.

Please note that this downhill bike tour is a very physical activity and requires your body to adjust to the 14,115 feet elevation.

But if you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, check out this Pikes Peak downhill bike tour.

Book a Pikes Peak Downhill Bike Ride
🤩 5/5 stars (35+ reviews)

11. Broadmoor History Tour


If you don’t know already, the Broadmoor is one of the most beautiful and most historic neighborhoods in all of Colorado Springs.

This is why we highly recommend going on a 1-hour history tour of the Broadmoor via Segways. Yep, we’ve mentioned Segway tours before, mostly because they really are just that fun!

This particular tour is perfect for both paved paths and off-road use. So you’ll feel confident cruising through historic mansions, schools, and clubs via city streets and bike lanes.

If you’re a tourist who isn’t quite comfortable with the high altitude in Colorado, a Segway tour is the perfect activity to still get outside and explore.

Included with your tour of the Broadmoor on a Segway is all of the safety equipment you need, fresh bottled water, and an expert tour guide.

Some of the stops along the ride include the award-winning Broadmoor Golf Courses and Penrose House Center.

Enjoy an after gliding around on a Segway exploring the Broadmoor, one of the most scenic and prestigious areas in Colorado Springs.

Book a Broadmoor Segway Tour
😃 4.5/5 stars (likely to sell out)

12. Gold Camp Road Bike Tour

wide path at seven bridges trail

Mentioning the area of Gold Camp Road always includes historic tales of epic sights and even ghostly hauntings. 

This is why a gorgeous scenic bike ride on Gold Camp Road rounds out our list of the best Colorado Springs tours.

Gold Camp Road used to be the main way of transporting raw gold from Cripple Creek gold mines to a refinery in the Springs.

But these days it’s a well-loved path for mountain bikers, hikers and explorers. Along your bike ride you’ll experience vast panoramic views of the Front Range.

Stop to check out some of the incredible tunnels that were blown up back in the late 1800s. This nearly 4-hour tour is taken at a leisurely pace and perfect for a relaxing weekend activity outdoors.

If you enjoy historical roads and mountain biking, check out this Gold Camp Road Bike Ride.

Book a Gold Camp Road Bike Ride
🤩 5/5 stars (5+ reviews)

13. Art & Coffee Walk in Colorado Springs

For a unique experience of all that Colorado Springs has to offer, check out this 1-hour art and coffee walking tour.

Thanks to historic suburbs like Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City, the town of Colorado Springs is bursting with art, murals, and graffiti.

And there’s no better way to experience it than on foot with a small group of interesting people. Your choice of tea or coffee is included, thanks to a small local shop called Story Coffee Company.

Other stops along the way include Acacia Park, The Antlers Hotel, Pikes Peak Center, and the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum.

From Instagram-worthy installations to art sculptures and colorful murals, this art and coffee tour in Colorado Springs is a must-do.

Book this Art & Coffee Walking Tour
🤩 5/5 stars (new tour!)

How many days do you need to explore Colorado Springs?

As someone who lives in Colorado Springs we feel that staying at least 3 days in the city is enough time to see the best sights.

Although, there are endless things to do and to see, some of the best local attractions can be explored within a 3-day timeframe.

This also gives you enough time to get outside and enjoy a local hike, or to use the city as a base for a day trip from Colorado Springs.

The Colorado Springs area is home to historic places like Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs, but also features many new up-and-coming destinations.

From Colorado Jeep tours over dirt roads to historic buildings and brewery tours to epic views of the Pikes Peak region, this guide has it all.

What is Colorado Springs best known for?

Colorado Springs is best known for two main landmarks: Pikes Peak (aka America’s Mountain) and the massive National Natural Landmark that is Garden of the Gods.

Visiting both of these epic destinations is completely free to explore on your own. There are no admission fees or parking fees.

However, driving up the famous Pikes Peak Highway on your own is not necessarily something we’d recommend for a newcomer to Colorado.

Obviously each activity offers many paid tours so you can make the most of your experience. This is why these tours are some of our top picks on this list!

Booking one, or several, of these Colorado Springs tours is an excellent way to see the sights and enjoy unique personal experiences of the area.

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