What Winter in Colorado is REALLY Like

For anyone who doesn’t live here full-time, there are a few misconceptions about winters in Colorado. The state sees many more sunny days than cloudy or snowy ones.

Here is what a typical winter in Colorado is really like and what to expect when visiting this scenic state.

Snow usually begins falling starting in late October and continues until April, or sometimes even later months.

1. When does winter start in Colorado?

Lighter and drier snow falls during the winter months while heavier and more wet snow falls in the springtime.

2. What are the winter months in Colorado?

November in Colorado is when temperatures begin to drop and the end of fall is near.

3. November

During this month, the mountain ranges start gathering snow due to the high elevation and ski towns begin to see a flurry of tourism.

4. December

The coldest month of the year in Colorado is January and snowfall is often very heavy. Average temperatures can reach as low as -8°F and get up to about 25°F during the day.

5. January

Sunny days in February are rare but snowstorms are occasional and usually not too bad. February is one of the best months for winter activities in Colorado.

6. February

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