The Story of Blucifer: Denver’s Spooky and Deadly Horse

This giant blue horse statue is what you see when driving in and out of the Denver International Airport. It has a creepy vibe with a demonic stance and glowing red eyes.

Read on as we share about the history of Blucifer and the story of how it came to be one of the creepiest icons in Colorado.

Blucifer is a nickname that locals use for “Blue Mustang,” a large fiberglass artistic sculpture of a mustang. The statue stands 32 feet tall and weighs in at 9,000 lbs.

1. What is Blucifer?

Installed in 2008 about 15 years later than it was commissioned. It was delayed because the statue killed its creator, Luis Jiménez at age 65.

2. What is the history of Blucifer?

Blue Mustang is the original name for this sculpture. Blucifer is a nickname that was given by the locals due to the demonic look and deadly history of the statue.

3. What does Blucifer mean?

In early sketches of the sculpture, the mustang was colored yellow and even pink. No one really knows why it was painted blue, but there were theories.

4. Why is Blucifer colored blue?

Blucifer has a very aggressive stance. The horse is rearing up on his two back legs, with eyes that glow red all hours of the day.

5. Why is Blucifer so creepy?

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