21 Fantastic Things to Do in Glenwood Springs, CO This Year

In this guide, I’m sharing the top places to stay in the area along with tips for saving money when planning your visit.

Here are the best things to do in Glenwood Springs for fun and relaxation that we enjoy doing every year.

The unique scavenger hunt experience is great for kids and families, as well as special events. A perfect way to learn about the city and see the sights!

1. Glenwood Springs Scavenger Hunt

Join an expert ATV guide on a thrilling adventure though 6,000 acres of private land near Glenwood Springs.

2. Glenwood Springs ATV Experience

Surrounded by mountains on either side and the Colorado River below, it is a breathtaking winding road through the mountains.

3. Drive through Glenwood Canyon

The hike to Hanging Lake can be treacherous, but is absolutely worth it. After being closed to the public for a few years, Hanging Lake is finally open to visitors.

4. Hanging Lake

Throughout history, Glenwood Springs has been known for the various health benefits that soaking in the hot mineral springs often gives.

5. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

A staple in Glenwood Springs for more than 25+ years, Glenwood Canyon Brewpub holds some of the most accolades of any brewpub in the state.

6. Glenwood Canyon Brewpub

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