19 Ski Trip Essentials List You Need to Pack

Packing and planning for ski trip is no easy task, especially if you’re a beginner. If you’re ready to hit the winter slopes, use this ski trip packing list to pack like a pro.

Read on to find out what ski essentials are the most important as a beginner.

The weather in the mountains is always changing so you want something to keep you warm and dry even when it’s windy or snowing.

1. Waterproof Ski Jacket

It gives you ample space to store your gear, snacks, extra warm clothes and to safely hold your phone.

2. Ski Backpack or Ski Bag

We recommend the Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for both men and women. They aren’t too expensive and keep your hands warm and dry.

3. Waterproof Gloves

This is a vital ski essential to pack for your trip! Sunny days on the slopes are frequent in Colorado, and protecting your eyes should be a top priority.

4. Ski Goggles

To avoid internal ear pain, make sure that blood flow is able to easily circulate in your ears.

5. Beanie or Earmuffs

Warm air can escape through the top of your ski coat, but having a scarf or neck gaiter can help prevent this.

6. Scarf or Neck Warmer

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