17 Best Hikes in Colorado with Scenic Trails

Narrowing down a list of the best hikes in Colorado is no easy task. From springtime hiking to winter trails and every season in between, there is never a shortage of places to hike.

There are endless hiking spots, trails and open spaces available in Colorado! Here are the best trails for hiking in Colorado and how to experience each one to the fullest.

A beautiful place to sightsee and hike. Watch the sun rise and set the stones aglow, or stay late and see the city of Denver sparkle.

1. Red Rocks and Morrison Slide Trail, Red Rocks Park

The hike to Crystal Mill is a moderately challenging 8-9 mile hike that can take 3-4 hours to reach the destination.

2. Crystal Mill Trail, Marble

This magnificent natural wonder is a National Natural Landmark and is most well-known as one of Colorado’s most photographed views.

3. Perkins Central Garden Trail, Garden of the Gods

With only a moderate level of difficulty this trail is nice for active families or those who aren’t used to the altitude yet.

4. Emerald Lake Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park

The Star Dune is over 700 feet tall and is currently tied with the Hidden Dune as the two tallest dunes in North America.

5. Hidden & Star Dune Loop, Great Sand Dunes National Park

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