11 Unique Winter Date Ideas and Activities for Everyone

After several months of winter in Colorado you may be feeling a bit of cabin fever. To combat this, we are sharing 10 unique winter date ideas to help you get out and have fun with loved ones.

These non-traditional date ideas are perfect for any special occasion, as well as being kid-friendly.

Enjoy an underwater sea experience at an aquarium. This is especially fun for kids but is also a unique experience for adults of all ages.

1. Experience the aquarium

Most cooking classes have different themes and can range from about 2-3 hours long up to 4 hours for baking classes.

2. Local cooking classes

Why not go out for brunch instead? Brunch is usually less expensive and a nice treat from the regular date night out.

3. Going out for brunch (instead of dinner)

DIY painting classes are instructor-led and take about 2-3 hours to craft a masterpiece. You also get to keep the painting you created!

4. Painting a masterpiece

Visiting a local hot spring is a perfect date idea in the winter for everyone, and has great health benefits.

5. Soaking up the hot springs

Drinking tea is a nice activity for mother / daughter outings, family get-togethers, or just hanging out with friends.

6. Enjoying tea time

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