11 Tips for Driving in the Snow for the First Time

Driving in the snow for the first time? Road conditions become more uncertain and make it harder for drivers to safely navigate them.

As a couple living in Colorado, we are sharing our best winter driving tips for cold, snowy, and icy weather conditions.

When planning for a winter driving trip the first thing to do is check the weather and traffic on your route.

1. Check the weather and traffic

Snow tires are highly recommended when driving in cold weather versus all-season tires because of the traction your car needs for icy conditions.

2. Install the correct tires

Winter weather conditions like these reduce visibility and make it harder to see the roads and other cars. Remember to drive with your low beams active.

3. Drive with your lights on

Make sure the scraper is solid and can stand up to the cold and additional pressure when used. Plastic can become brittle causing it to break easily.

4. Buy a good snow / ice scraper

Take your time and drive slow and steady during cold weather. Allot for extra travel time when driving to your destination so you don’t feel rushed.

5. Drive slow and steady

Pay attention to the road ahead of you and avoid stopping and staring at other accidents along the way.

6. Don’t stop and stare

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