10 Best Garden of the Gods Tours With 5-Star Reviews

Garden of the Gods is considered the country’s number one best city park. This epic landscape of lush grasslands, native wildlife, and stunning red rocks, is like no other park you’ve ever visited.

If you are looking for the best Garden of the Gods tour for seeing spectacular sights then check out these five-star reviews.

Enjoy a 4×4 tour to see the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, learn the history of old west, and snap photos of the Colorado Springs valley.

1. Foothills & Garden of the Gods Jeep Tour

This tour offers a fun and educational hike that showcases the best that the park has to offer.

2. Geology Hike at Garden of the Gods

This 4-hour long tour is ideal for individuals who want to get their hands dirty and work hard to be rewarded with epic mountain views.

3. Rock Climbing at Garden of the Gods

Explore the stunning views and scenic stops at Garden of the Gods Park with a pedal and throttle-assisted e-bike.

4. Garden of the Gods Ebike Tour

Join a knowledgeable hiking guide for a private tour of the area’s massive landscape including native plants, red rocks, and local wildlife.

5. Garden of the Gods Hiking Tour

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