Don't Regret Moving to Colorado: Things to Hate or Love

Here are the top facts you need to know so you don’t regret moving to Colorado this year.

Some of these things you might hate, or you might love depending on your preferences.

Whether you love them or hate them, tourists bring an increasing surge of revenue to the state each year.

1. Tons of tourism

Bad driving often leads to more accidents, especially on icy or snowy roads, which causes traffic to back up quite frequently.

2. Bad drivers and traffic

The state has many local and government programs set up to help but the problem is growing at a rapid rate.

3. Homelessness is on the rise

Locals tend to put blame on tourists and transplants who are changing the home they grew up in. But I want to assure you that not all natives think this way.

4. Locals blame transplants

Cities with a military presence include Colorado Springs which has four military bases in or near the city, as well as one in Aurora and one in Pueblo.

5. Military presence

This means you will need to earn at least $46,600 to be able to comfortably afford to live in Colorado.

6. Cost of living is expensive

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