Booking a Tour in Denver? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re taking a tour through Denver, this time of year is prime time for ghost tours, haunted sightings, and winter activities. 

From booking the best tour, to what you need to bring, and the right clothes to wear, here’s what you need to know.

Do some research to find out what locations you want to see, and then book a tour that includes your top stops.

1. How to book a tour

Want to learn about Denver’s haunted history while dining at popular restaurants? Want to sip on beer and wine in haunted pubs? There’s a tour for each kind. 

2. Find the best tour to book

Opt for comfortable shoes that you’ll be okay walking in for a couple of hours. Denver is also known for its ever-changing weather, so be prepared.

3. Wear the right clothing

They are usually a wealth of information related to historical events, sightings, and unique history.

4. Chat with your tour guide

Make sure your body is ready for a long tour by fueling before the big day.

5. Fuel yourself before the tour

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