9 Best Coffee Shops and Tea Houses in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has a number of unique and tasty coffee shops and tea houses. There really is something for everyone!

We dived into the best coffee shops and tea houses around the city to get a hot cup of brew or hot leaf juice.

At Wayfinder Coffee, travel and good coffee are a state of mind. Founded by Megan and Anna, this coffee shop brings together all of the coffee cultures of the world.

1. Wayfinder Coffee

Tea-lovers rejoice! The Yellow Mountain Tea House brings all the best things about a traditional Chinese tea house to Colorado Springs.

2. Yellow Mountain Tea House

This is a barista-owned specialty coffee shop that locals love. The beans are roasted locally at the Loyal Coffee Clubhouse.

3. Loyal Coffee

They are best known for their extensive menu and even more extensive secret menu! They often have long but quick-moving lines.

4. Dutch Bros Coffee

As one of the oldest coffee shops in Colorado Springs, the place continues to deliver great coffee and a charming atmosphere.

5. The Perk Downtown

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