27 Hidden Gems in Colorado That Locals Love

Are you looking for the best hidden gems in Colorado to escape the crowds? The Centennial State is a treasure trove of hidden gems and best-kept secrets.

Many of these destinations are easily accessible from the Denver area or are in close proximity to Colorado Springs.

The historic and narrow road that is Skyline Drive showcases 360 degree views and steep cliffs on either side. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love this adventure.

1. Skyline Drive

The Paint Mines is a large ravine formed by beautifully colored rock and sandstone that turned into spires and hoodoo formations.

2. Paint Mines

While considered a small mountain town, there's a surprising amount of things to do and to see. We recommend getting a donut from the Donut Mill or eating lunch at Cafe Leo.

3. Woodland Park

One of the best hidden gems if you like the history and wildlife of the state. Walking down the main street feels like a historic movie set that has come to life. 

4. St. Elmo Ghost Town

Black Hawk and its sister city, Central City, are home to family-owned saloons, quirky local business, and an accessible main street.

5. Black Hawk & Central City

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