Riding the Royal Gorge Train for the First-Time

The Royal Gorge Train offers a one-of-a-kind experience with three-course lunches and dinners, wine tastings, and special event train rides like the award-winning Murder Mystery Dinner Trains.

As one of the best train rides in Colorado, we recently booked a lunch ride on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad. Here’s our first-time experience and what to expect.

The train ride offers comfortable seats with tables, concessions, three-course meals for lunch and dinner, and a full-service bar.

1. Riding the Royal Gorge Route Railroad

It’s located just 45 minutes southwest of Colorado Springs and less than 2 hours southwest of Denver.

2. How to get to the Royal Gorge Train in Cañon City

For 2023, prices start around $79 a ticket for Coach Class or $74 per ticket for kids ages 2-12.

3. How much does it cost to ride the Royal Gorge Train?

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad goes on a 24-mile round trip train ride that lasts about 2 hours and carries more than 100,000 passengers each year.

4. How long is the Royal Gorge Train ride?

During the ride you can enjoy a delicious gourmet meal and full-bar with spectacular views from Coach or the glass-topped Vista Dome.

5. What can you do on the Royal Gorge Train Ride?

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