11 Most Haunted Places in Colorado to See Ghostly Sightings

With a history steeped in gold rushes and ghost towns, it’s no wonder that Colorado has some great paranormal activity.

Here are the most haunted places in Colorado, ranging from century-old mining towns and haunted casinos to spooky mansions.

It’s a great spot for walking, jogging, picnicking and enjoying the sounds of the city. You can even go on a ghostly walking tour of the area, day or night!

1. Cheesman Park in Capitol Hill

It’s been said that Molly’s spirit can be felt in the house and many people have reported her spirits’ activity here.

2. Molly Brown House Museum

Over the years, guests have said to hear the faint sounds of children’s laughter or mysterious footsteps in the passageways. 

3. The Stanley Hotel

The building that houses the now Colorado Grande Casino has been standing since 1898. The Spirits that live here are said to linger on in the Grande Hotel and are mostly benign. 

4. Colorado Grande Hotel & Casino

Visitors who tour the jail can read real police reports and newspaper clippings, and check out the jail cells where prisoners were kept.

5. Outlaws & Lawmen Jail Museum

During the time of World War II, more than 500 wounded soldiers were housed here. And giant ovens deep in the basement of the hotel were used to cremate those who didn’t survive.

6. Hotel Colorado

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