Living in Colorado Springs: 50 Reasons Why We Love It

From loving the weather to being snow bunnies, to the budding food scene, and breweries, Colorado Springs has so much to offer.

As both a native of Colorado and a newcomer to the state, we share exactly what it’s like to live in Colorado Springs. Why are so many people moving to Colorado? Read on to find out.

One thing we really love about Colorado Springs is being able to enjoy all four seasons. And sometimes you get them all in one day!

1. All four seasons

There are plenty of campsites you can pay to camp at or park a trailer. Or pitch a tent in the woods or along a creek inside any of the National Forests.

2. Convenient camping spots

The Springs has been paving its own way in the culinary scene the past few years. And because of this, there are so many delicious and innovative options.

3. Emerging food scene

Since there are so many things to do, and places to explore outside, everyone makes it a priority to enjoy life just as much as working.

4. Work-life balance

When we want to relax for a weekend, or just 24 hours, we are so thankful for the natural hot springs near Colorado Springs.

5. Natural hot springs

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