7 Hot Springs Near Denver

The Eldorado Springs Pool is actually the closest hot springs near Denver. It’s about a 35-minute drive from the city via Highway 36 on the way to Boulder.

To help you plan a fun weekend or day trip, these hot springs locations are listed in order from nearest to furthest from the city.

The resort is family-friendly with private baths, outdoor jacuzzis, and hot springs caves that are gender-specific.

1. Indian Hot Springs, Idaho Springs

The main feature are the mineral-water soaking tubs that are made out of cedar. You can book a personal tub for 90-minutes for a couple or even a small group.

2. Sunwater Spa, Manitou Springs

It is widely considered one of the oldest and best hot springs resorts in America. The resort and spa feature seven natural hot springs with heated waters between 104 and 126 degrees. 

3. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

There’s nothing artificial or unnatural here! You are surrounded by nature and the pools are made out of natural stone and local rock.

4. Cottonwood Hot Springs, Buena Vista

Unlike most mineral hot springs on this list, Mt Princeton Hot Springs is known for its odorless water.

5. Mt Princeton Hot Springs, Nathrop

This hot springs resort and spa is less rustic and has more of a traditional health club feel. But the views are incredible and the landscape nearby makes you feel like you’re in the mountains.

6. Old Town Hot Springs

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