8 Hidden Hot Springs in Colorado That Are Totally Secluded

Reaching the most hidden hot springs in Colorado isn’t always easy but the views and atmosphere are worth it.

If you want to be rewarded with primitive and isolated hot springs locations after a long hike in a secluded part of Colorado, then these best hot springs are for you.

Even though it is secluded, you will seldom find this gem unoccupied by other like-minded people willing to make the trek on a beautiful day. 

1. Radium Hot Springs

Because this area is such a unique and fragile place, a permit is required to hike and camp out near the hot springs. 

2. Conundrum Hot Springs

At this secluded hot springs you’ll be rewarded with exceptional views and a therapeutic time spent relaxing in the hot water.

3. Rainbow Hot Springs

It is one of the nicest hot springs in Colorado with beautiful stone pools and multiple pools of varying sizes and temperatures.

4. Strawberry Park Hot Springs

This one-of-a-kind place is a full hot springs resort with limited amenities including lodging in tens, car camping, and rustic cabins.

5. Valley View Hot Springs

This local favorite offers several outdoor pools to soak in, plus an indoor pool and two private hot tubs.

6. Orvis Hot Springs

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