31 Best Restaurants in Denver Ranked By a Local

Narrowing down the best restaurants in Denver is no easy feat. Even as a Colorado local and chef myself, there are many great restaurants that are worthy of this list.

All of the eateries listed, including some coffee and ice cream shops, offer the trifecta of fantastic food, relaxed atmosphere, and hospitable service.

Sushi Den is a great place for parties or small events as they have a nice list of libations and a unique bar that serves a variety of asian-inspired drinks. 

1. Sushi Den

It’s as if you are eating in someone’s home kitchen. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, but the food is top-notch and unlike anything you’ve eaten before.

2. Annette, Scratch to Table 

We recommend the pineapple upside-down pancakes, but be sure to ask about their seasonal options too. And the hollandaise sauce is always delicious, which is the hallmark of any good breakfast place!

3. Snooze Eatery

This popular eatery started out as a food truck on Colfax Avenue and now has multiple locations in Colorado (including one in Colorado Springs!).

4. Denver Biscuit Company

Many of their combinations are original, and the servers will come out to explain, in depth, what it is that you’re eating on each plate served.

5. Bamboo Sushi

Avanti Food and Beverage is an awesome place to go for a variety of food. It’s a collective eatery, so it’s like going to a bunch of food trucks but all under one roof.

6. Avanti Food and Bev

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