15 Fantastic Places to See Colorado Fall Colors Right Now

Where are the best places to see fall colors in Colorado right now? There really is no right or wrong answer as the state is completely transformed into a wash of gold, yellow, and orange colors.

Fall in Colorado truly is one of the most beautiful times of year with spectacular views.

RMNP is open all year long, and you’ll need a reservation, but one of the best times to see vibrant colors is during October. 

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

Be on the lookout for wildlife too as this pristine sanctuary is a breeding ground for elk, moose, mule deer, bear, mountain lions, to name a few.

The mountain town is surrounded by so many groves of aspen trees that the town is named as such. During the fall, aspen trees turn impressive hues of gold, bronze, and yellow. 

2. Aspen

It’s known as one of America’s most scenic drives and offers breathtaking 360-degree views from all sides.

3. Skyline Drive

The narrow road must be traveled carefully as there are no fences or guard rails. And there’s no turning around on this one-way street.

During September and October, the town really comes alive thanks to events like Elk Fest and elk rutting season. It’s known for its rugged wilderness which becomes even more evident during fall.

4. Estes Park

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