7 Best Places to Live in Colorado With Mountain Views [2022]

Some of the best places to live in the country are located in Colorado. Here are the best places to live in Colorado this year and what makes each city great.

Choosing the best city or cheapest places to live in Colorado is no easy task. Each city along the Front Range offers a wide variety of pros and cons.

The northernmost city along the Front Range mountains in Colorado, Fort Collins is a college town by nature.

1. Fort Collins

It is home to Colorado State University and because of this, it is a great place to live in Colorado for active families to flourish and travelers seeking adventure.

Boulder is a great place to live for many reasons, including the proximity to the mountains and miles of trails and bikeways.

2. Boulder

Young professionals are moving to Denver’s neighborhoods in droves due to the relatively affordable housing and adventurous outdoor lifestyle.

3. Denver

The main appeal to moving to Colorado Springs is that the housing market and cost of living are still pretty affordable, compared to Denver and other cities along the Front Range.

4. Colorado Springs

It is located in what is called the “High Desert” part of Colorado. The landscape is made up of vast plains, desert lands, canyons, and mesas.

5. Pueblo

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