13 Popular Colorado Events and Outdoor Festivals

If you’re looking for the best outdoor events and festivals in Colorado then keep reading. There is always something going on both day and night in Colorado.

You’ll definitely feel like a local with these outdoor events and food festivals. Here is a quick line up of all the Colorado events and outdoor festivals you can’t miss!

You’ll get a chance to try food and drinks from popular restaurants throughout the state, meet the chefs, and sample local beers and wines as well.

1. A Taste of Colorado

Over 18,000 pounds of meat will be barbecued up and served during this delicious weekend.

2. Denver BBQ Festival

For music fans head to Telluride, Colorado. This is a 4-day-long musical event, and is a favorite among locals and visitors alike!

3. Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Towards the end of June, visit the Frederick in Flight Hot Air Balloon Festival in Frederick, Colorado. Take-off starts at 6 am.

4. Frederick in Flight Hot Air Balloon Festival

If you’ve never had a Colorado peach, then you’re missing out. Head down to Palisade, Colorado for live music, vendors, activities, and yes, peaches!

5. Palisade Peach Fest

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