9 Best Royal Gorge Tours from Ziplining to Whitewater Rafting

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Are you looking for the best Royal Gorge tours for a unique perspective of Colorado? You’ve come to the right place.

As a Colorado native, I have visited the Royal Gorge many times and book several tours every year. 

Canon City alone is a great destination, along with Skyline Drive and many other tourist spots. But by far the most grand destination is the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.

Plus, a drive to the Royal Gorge Region is only about an hour south of Colorado Springs. So it’s perfect for a short day trip with lasting memories.

Here are the best Royal Gorge tours to experience America’s highest suspension bridge.

1. Royal Gorge Loop Jeep Tour

booking colorado jeep tours

Without a doubt one of the best Royal Gorge tours has to be a thrilling Jeep tour

One of our first tours in Colorado as a couple was this Royal Gorge Jeep tour, so we highly recommend this tour.

Get ready for unparalleled views of the state’s awe-inspiring natural wonder and experience the ultimate Colorado adventure.

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Your journey begins with an expert tour guide who is knowledgeable about the area and shares the intriguing history of the region. Get ready to learn about historic graves and other geological marvels along the way. 

Sit comfortably in the secure and robust Jeep, with a skilled driver and knowledgeable guide navigating the roads. 

This 3.5 hour Jeep tour will lead you to the gateway of the Royal Gorge Region, allowing you to traverse the highest suspension bridge in the United States. 

In fact, driving across the famous Royal Gorge Bridge is one of the few vehicles allowed on the bridge these days.

During your trip you’ll have exclusive access to the park via the southern entrance. This unique access is not available to all visitors, allowing you and your group to have a custom experience of the Gorge. 

Prepare to be transported to the pinnacle of Fremont Peak, where a brief hike awaits, granting you an up-close encounter with its majestic summit. 

Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for sightings of Colorado wildlife, while also uncovering hidden dinosaur footprints that lie concealed within this remarkable landscape. 

A Jeep tour of the Royal Gorge allows you to immerse yourself in an unparalleled exploration of Colorado’s natural marvels

And you get this all from the vantage point of a Jeep tour designed to accentuate the incredible views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

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2. Royal Gorge Extreme Zipline Experience


Another epic way to experience all that the Royal Gorge has to offer is via an extreme ziplining experience.

This exhilarating 11-line zipline adventure has you and your friends soaring through the Colorado landscape at incredible speeds. 

Brace yourself for a thrill-seeker’s dream as you zip along, marveling at breathtaking mountain views and the stunning Arkansas River. 

Prepare for an action-packed journey spanning three hours, filled with non-stop ziplining excitement. 

The experience begins with ground school! Knowledgeable guides will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful adventure. 

Then you can muster your confidence as you prepare to take flight and elevate your excitement to new heights. 

The ascent to the top of the tower requires a physical effort akin to climbing ten flights of stairs, so you’ll want to be prepared and physically fit. 

Included with your extreme zipline experience is the following:

  • course access
  • safety equipment
  • experienced guides
  • comprehensive training 

All of the operations available will ensure your tour is meticulously planned for your complete enjoyment and peace of mind. Safety is paramount in this Royal Gorge ziplining adventure, and this is prioritized at every step. 

Zip along the fastest zipline in North America, known as the #1 Colorado zipline tour. Then, marvel at the awe-inspiring mountain vistas overlooking the majestic Arkansas River. 

Prepare to immerse yourself in the ultimate zipline adventure, where thrills, breathtaking views, and safety unite to create an extraordinary experience.

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3. Half-Day Royal Gorge Rafting Tour


If you’re looking for a different type of Royal Gorge tour that gets you into the canyon below, check out this half-day Royal Gorge rafting tour

This half-day rafting adventure takes you and your family through the awe-inspiring Royal Gorge along the beautiful Arkansas River near Cañon City.

After a quick safety training you’ll be outfitted with the equipment and supplies you need for a 3-hour water expedition.  

Get ready to navigate the thrilling whitewater rapids, making this excursion perfect for experienced paddlers seeking an adrenaline rush. 

This whitewater rafting tour begins with an immersive journey through the picturesque Bighorn Sheep Canyon. 

You’ll have the opportunity to practice and showcase your paddle skills amidst the captivating beauty of Colorado’s landscapes. 

Along with your expert guide, you’ll be able to navigate the twists and turns of the river, while feeling the rush of the river below. 

Following an action-packed morning, take a break to enjoy a well-deserved riverside lunch, replenishing your energy for the adventures that lie ahead. 

The riverside lunch is included with this comprehensive full-day tour, ensuring you’re fueled and ready to tackle the rapids. 

As the afternoon unfolds, prepare for the highlight of the day, the mesmerizing Royal Gorge Region. 

Witness the sheer magnitude and beauty of this natural wonder as you conquer its exhilarating rapids, immersing yourself in the heart of the gorge. 

Gear up, brace yourself, and get ready for an unforgettable day of adventure and adrenaline as you conquer the mighty Arkansas River and its breathtaking canyons. 

This rafting experience promises thrills, stunning scenery, and a truly immersive exploration of Colorado’s natural wonders.

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4. Royal Gorge Bridge & Park Ticket


A trip to the Royal Gorge isn’t complete without visiting the park and bridge itself, so grab your entrance tickets right now

Prepare for an unforgettable experience as you venture across the highest suspension bridge in America. 

As you cross you can peer about 1,000 feet down you’ll see the breathtaking views of the magnificent Arkansas River and surrounding landscapes. 

Your journey begins at the free Aerial Gondola, where you’ll embark on a scenic glide across the gorge. To say this is a heart-pumping experience is an understatement thanks to the clear bottom.

When we boarded the Gondola across the Royal Gorge it was truly an epic experience. 

Across the bridge you can make your way to the Children’s Playland. This delightful haven is filled with an array of thrilling activities such as ropes, slides, nets, tunnels, and towers, ensuring endless fun for little ones. 

Then travel back in time as you step into the Plaza Theater, where you’ll be captivated by a short documentary that unravels the fascinating history of the bridge. 

The free presentation and museum allows you to explore the historical exhibition, gaining insights into the park’s rich heritage and its significance. 

If you visit during the summer season, prepare to be entertained by live performances as you relax and indulge in a picnic amidst the park’s serene surroundings. 

Conclude your exploration with a monumental step across the highest suspension bridge in the United States, taking in the awe-inspiring vistas that await you. 

Prepare for an immersive experience that combines thrilling adventures, historical discoveries, and the sheer beauty of nature, all within the enchanting realm of the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.

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5. Royal Gorge 9-Line Classic Zipline

For another ziplining adventure option, go for a breathtaking 9-zip line ride over captivating forests and rolling hillsides

Prepare for two hours of non-stop fun and ziplining thrills that will leave you exhilarated. 

Like any zipline experience, you’ll begin with a quick safety training called ground school. Expert guides will impart all the essential knowledge about ziplining, ensuring you feel confident in your skills before taking off. 

Then get ready to raise your landing gear as you receive clearance for take-off and ascend to the top of the tower. To reach the top you’ll have to exert physical effort similar to climbing four flights of stairs. 

The nine ziplines will carry you over lush forests and picturesque hillsides, with the highest line soaring 50 feet above the Royal Gorge plateau. 

Brace yourself for an adrenaline rush as you reach thrilling speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. Then, the adventure reaches new heights with a dual side-by-side racing line, spanning an impressive 1,002 feet in length. 

Access to the entire course, top-of-the-line equipment, experienced guides, and rigorous training are available. 

All of the safety equipment includes a seat harness, chest harness, trolley system, secure clips, gloves and helmet. 

Discover the thrill of ziplining while having peace of mind, knowing that your safety is the utmost priority.

This Royal Gorge 9-line classic zipline adventure is perfect for small groups and families as it’s capped at 8 people.

6. Royal Gorge Half-Day Rafting Trip

For another amazing option to get onto the water, check out this half-day rafting trip of the majesty of the Royal Gorge.

Take in the towering walls that reach an astounding 1,200 feet and a narrow canyon just 26 feet wide. 

This thrilling 3-hour Royal Gorge rafting expedition allows you to encounter heart-pumping rapids like Sledgehammer Falls. 

Join a team of professional guides who are dedicated to ensuring your safety throughout the adventure. 

This half-day excursion is an ideal way to make the most of your visit to Canon City, all while enjoying the natural splendor of the Royal Gorge whitewater rafting. 

Prepare for an exhilarating experience as you navigate through turbulent whitewater rapids, feeling the thrill of each splash and surge. 

Enhance your journey with insights from our knowledgeable and professional guide, who will provide valuable information about the area’s wildlife, geology, and more. 

Keep your eyes peeled as you scan the riverbank for glimpses of native wildlife in their natural habitat. 

With multiple departure times available, you can easily fit this adventure into your schedule. 

Choose the time that works best for you and get ready to create unforgettable memories while surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Royal Gorge.

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7. Royal Gorge Route Railroad


While a train ride through the Royal Gorge isn’t your typical tour, you can still expect to have one of the best experiences touring this stunning gorge.

Located near historic Canon City, the Royal Gorge Route Railroad is a one-of-a- kind experience for any visitor. 

Get ready for lunch or dinner train rides with wine tastings and other events for special occasions.

You’ll be able to sit back, relax and tour the canyon floor from the ground level as you ride alongside the Arkansas River.

Passing under the famous suspension bridge means looking up for more than 1,000 feet with the gorge and canyon walls all around.

The Royal Gorge Route Train is Colorado’s first and only full-service railroad dining experience. So you can be sure it’s a train ride and tour that needs to make your list.

8. Royal Gorge Helicopter Tour

royal gorge bridge tour

Another epic Royal Gorge tour is via a helicopter high in the sky with a bird’s eye view.

From as low as $55 per person you can ride in a million-dollar helicopter to experience the entire Royal Gorge area from the skies.

You’ll be joined by highly experienced and trained tour pilots, plus friendly staff to help you arrive safe and sound.

Choose from short helicopter rides or longer flights including a Pikes Peak tour of America’s Mountain.

While not all of these Royal Gorge tours are available for kids and small children, a helicopter tour of the gorge is fun for all ages.

Check out their website for booking information and more details.

9. Royal Gorge Via Ferrata

hike the royal gorge trail

If rock climbing is more your thing, check out the Via Ferrata that’s open right now at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.

Considered the state’s best climbing adventure, this new course is located in southern Colorado and promises an epic time to be had by all.

Climb up the massive granite walls of the canyon while on a cable system that’s designed for fun and safety first. 

Your Via Ferrata tour is led by trained mountain guides with the utmost experience and safety in mind.

Choose from 2.5 to 3 hour long climbing excursions or longer 5 hour rock climbing adventures through the Royal Gorge.

You can also book a private Via Ferrata tour for you and your family or friends to enjoy.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the Royal Gorge Bridge guest center or online via their website.

There is something for everyone to enjoy in the Royal Gorge area from adrenaline junkies to family-friendly activities.

From zooming over the Royal Gorge on zip line tours, crossing the famous Bridge, or traversing the whitewater rapids of the canyon, these are the best Royal Gorge tours to book right now.

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