A Comparison of the Gaming Industry in Colorado (US) and Ontario (Canada)

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The gaming industry has blossomed in the last few decades in many countries around the world.

This includes Colorado in the United States and Ontario in Canada. It’s become a multi-billion dollar sector, one frequented by the majority of the adult population.

The advances in technology and the opportunity to play at online casinos only strengthened the trend in these countries. In this article, we’ll make a comparison of the gaming industry in the two locations.

Market Size and Revenue

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In Canada, the gaming industry is enormous – and has a broader scope than in most other countries.

Today, you can be involved in an array of gaming activities that range from land-based casino gambling to sports betting or playing the lottery.

You can chase a life-changing casino win when you play casino games, bet on sports, or play bingo. The choices for real money gambling online are rich, too.

You can get your payouts at a fast withdrawal casino within hours, claim extremely generous bonuses, and enjoy a myriad of modern casino features at your fingertips.

The Canadian gambling market is one of the most profitable on a global level. Casinos are growing in number in different provinces including Ontario, but the biggest hype today is the online gambling sites.

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These give players the chance to access thousands of games, and that’s not all.

By gambling at top-rated online casinos, Colorado players can now claim generous casino bonuses that go up to thousands of dollars, allowing them to play for longer and win more money.

This, combined with the option to play from the comfort of their homes, is the number one reason why gambling is thriving in Canada.

But, what about Colorado?

Colorado also has a thriving gambling industry. They are similar in many ways.

Colorado’s gaming market is known for its very diverse range of options. You can be playing casino games at luxury resorts or gamble online, or even enjoy your time as an e-sports gamer.

The difference is revenue is huge, though. Ontario’s casinos generate over 3 billion dollars since 2021.

In Colorado, casinos generate over 800 million dollars in 2021, which mostly comes from gambling tourism. A big gaining traction in both locations is the online gambling sector, which has been thriving since it was legalized.

The History of Gaming in Colorado and Ontario

Regulation of gambling has a big role in how the gaming industry is shaped around the world.

The legalization and regulations have contributed greatly to the popularity of gambling in these two locations, as well as the revenue this generates.

In Colorado, these activities are regulated by the Colorado Division of Gaming.

This body oversees casinos, sports betting, and other forms of gambling. In Ontario, the sector is governed by a combination of regulations.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission oversees online gambling, while the OLG manages a variety of land-based gaming activities such as casinos, charitable gaming, and lottery games.

Now let’s take a look at the history of gambling.

Gambling in Colorado Throughout History

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Colorado was a gambling hub back in the Old West. The casinos and saloons at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century were frequented by legendary people like Doc Holliday.

However, the changes in US law shattered the unregulated gambling establishment almost overnight.

In 1949, horse racing and live greyhound racing became an option in several Colorado locations. In 1958, the state changed its constitution and started allowing charitable gambling.

Real, regulated gambling started in 1991 when the Colorado Limited Gaming Initiative formally became a law. At this point, the maximum bets in the casinos were limited to 5 dollars, and casinos didn’t operate around the clock.

Starting in 2019 and thanks to voters, each of the 33 Colorado casinos was allowed to apply for a license to operate offline and online. In May of 2020, online sports betting was first launched, followed by online casinos.

Gambling in Ontario Throughout History

Commercial casinos were banned in Canada before 1996, and this included Ontario. Some provinces were allowed to legalize gambling at the end of the 1950s under the Canadian Criminal Law but under very specific conditions.

This began with Quebec and Ontario wasn’t far behind. In Ontario, casino gambling was legalized in 1994.

At this point, there were only 3 casinos in Ontario, the first of which opened its doors in May. Today, there are 24 commercial casinos in the province, operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Operation.

Now, online gambling is still rather new in the province, but it’s becoming popular very fast.

Players use this as an opportunity to practice their casino life hacks, improve their skills, and place a bet from any place without having to go to a physical casino. Online casinos offer convenience, and this makes them favored by many players.

Market Trends and Innovation in Gambling

Both regions, Colorado and Ontario have committed to using technology and innovation within the gaming industry.

E-sports has been growing in popularity and as a result, Colorado has already hosted various eSports events and tournaments. This attracts an engaged, young audience.

Ontario has witnessed a surge in the app and mobile gaming development. They already have numerous gaming studios creating high-quality games.

The biggest market trend and place where most innovations happen is online. Online gambling platforms have increased in number, with new sites and games popping up on the markets all the time.

The Gaming Industry: Final Thoughts

Seeing how Colorado and Ontario have many gambling enthusiasts and both regulate gaming in different forms, we can find many similarities between the two.

There are also many differences, especially in terms of market size and revenue generation. Generally speaking, Ontario boasts a larger market and focuses on innovation and technology.

Colorado, on the other hand, has a strong focus on online gaming and e-sports and has a great range of gaming options.

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